Complete Management Suite

Maxim Realty has established a strategic alliance with other high quality service managing companies expanding our portfolio over and above the services we offer today.
Suite Management:
With service in mind, and you the customer, we have designed a comprehensive complete service which encompasses not only the procurement of
qualified tenants, but also the full management of your property throughout the tenancy. Monthly, we electronically deposit the leasing proceeds into
your bank account and provide you with month, and year-end statements.
Worry-Free Investment Program:
►We will provide full spread sheets with 5 year projections.
►Advice on Toronto suite sizes, style, recommended quantity of parking and or lockers as well as color selection.
►We will, if you choose, conduct your warranty inspections as well as 24-hour and tenancy inspections. All inspections are
     digitally photographed and any deficiencies are provided in writing.
►We have a full Toronto area advertisement program to ensure that we attract the right client for your property
►Thorough screening and credit collections such as Equifax check, beacon scores, bankruptcy navigator and fraud scans.
►We create extensive leases on your behalf. Your lease will contain sections covering the Tenant Protection Act, The Condominium Act,
    The Condominium's Declaration as well as the building's Rules and Regulations.
►Monthly rental collection as well as monthly and year end statements will be provided on your behalf.
►Twenty Four (24) hour repair and maintenance service and legal services will be available by experienced staff